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Welcome to the Ascender Parent Portal for Seashore Charter Schools


For security purposes, Ascender Parent Portal performs a verification when a parent/guardian logs in.


  • As you create your account, make sure the email address and cell phone number you provide for verification in Ascender Parent Portal matches the information provided when you register your student. You may not be able to access your account if verification fails. Contact the school office with questions.
  • After you register your student/s, the school office will provide you with a portal id to link your child/ren to your account.
  • Parents will then be able to use their Ascender Parent Portal account to access their student’s information such as progress reports, grades, report cards and attendance as well as update information such as cell phine numbers or address. 


On your smartphone:

  • Download our free school app, "Seashore Charter Schools" from your app store.

The app will be used for all major comminications and announcements. Additionally, faculty will use it to communicate with parents and students.


For more information contact:

  • SMA office: 361/654-1134
  • SLC office: 361/949-1222


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