Welcome to "txConnect".  If you are a first time user, you must register as a "new user".  You will choose your own user name and password.  If you forget or lose your password, you will go through an automated process to reset the password.  You must provide a valid student portal ID which the campus will provide to you.  




From the login page click the link under New User to go to the Registration page.  


In the User Name field, type a user name that will identify you when you log on to txConnect.  Use a combination of letters from your first and last names.  The user name must be six to nine characters and must be unique.  The user name is not case sensitive.  


In the Password field, enter a password that you will use when you log on to txConnect.  The password must be six to nine alphanumeric characters to include:  uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and/or punctuation.  The password is case sensitive.  It must be typed exactly as entered here.  


In the Confirm password field, retype the password exactly.


The E-mail field is used to send attendance, grade average, and assignment alerts.  This field is optional but we highly recommend you take advantage of this opportunity to receive alerts.


If all is correct, you will go to Step 2 which is the Hint Question step.  In the Question field, select a question. In the Answer field, type the answer to your question.  The answer is case sensitive and must always be typed EXACTLY the same. 




In the Campus Portal ID field, type the student's portal ID provided by the campus.   In the Student's Birth Date field, type the student's complete birth date in the MM/DD/YYYY format.  Then click Add.  


You must successfully add at least one student to create an account.  If you have more than one child in the district, you can add additional children under the same account with the same log in and password.


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